Foot Care Tips for Diabetes

Did you know that most complications and amputations in patients with Diabetes can be prevented! Diabetes is a disease on the rise due to the aging of the population, rise in obesity and our not so good diets. It affects millions of people worldwide and can lead to a host of foot complications, including amputation. But did you know that by following some basic Foot Care Tips for Diabetics most foot problems can be prevented or recognized so that complications are avoided. So, if you have Diabetes, we recommend for all of our Podiatric patients to follow these simple Foot Care Tips:

  • See your primary care physician for diabetic check-ups
  • Keep control of your blood sugar levels and try to achieve your hemoglobin A1c at optimum levels
  • Inspect your feet on a daily basis and make note and call your physician or podiatrist if you see or experience redness, swelling, cuts, scrapes, scratches or open sores
  • Wash your feet daily
  • Be more active with an exercise program and make sure that whatever activity you choose to participate in you are wearing the appropriate footgear
  • Never walk barefoot
  • Apply lotion to the feet on a daily basis(not between the toes unless directed by your podiatrist) to address dry skin issues
  • Visit a Podiatrist to address regular foot care needs such as toenail trimming, calllouses, treatment of symptoms of neuropathy
  • Have your Podiatrist evaluate and recommend the appropriate diabetic shoes and socks for your condition
  • Do not wear tight socks or stockings around your feet or legs unless prescribed by your physician
  • Do not use hot water bottles or heating pads on your feet
  • Always inspect the inside of your shoes before putting them on