The Cytokines
July 14, 2015
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Cytokine Therapy is an exciting, new therapeutic modality that uses biological substances called Cytokines to treat many medical conditions.  Currently, this exciting new therapeutic modality is being used in the fields of orthopedics, anti-aging, and dermatology amongst others. These biological substance or factors are natural to the body and are capable of elliciting responses from the body that can induce healing, reduce pain and inflammation, and repair tissues such as tendons, ligaments and bone. This therapy does not require the use of other remedies. Most Cytokine remedies are given orally, usually sublingually(under the tongue). Thus they are quick acting and because given sublingually, are acceptable for patients they may have sensitive stomach issues. Here at the Florida Institute of Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine we utilize Cytokine products from GUNA, the only producer of medical physiological low dose cytokines that are used in the application of Cytokine Therapy. So, if you are looking for another therapeutic modality to treat pain, injury, skin conditions, anti-aging, than Cytokine Therapy may be the answer for you.