Ear Seeds

Auricular or "ear" acupuncture is another type of acupuncture that is utilzed by the Acupuncture Physician. It is simply the application of either needles or seeds attached to and adhesive material into various "ear acupuncture points" that are mapped out on the front and back surface  fo the ear based on the style and method of auricular acupuncture that is utilized. Points used can vary based on the method. Auricular acupuncture can be used on its own to treat conditions or can be combined with body acupuncture for a complimentary or more powerful effect. Ear seeds attached and applied to an adhesive material have the advantage of being able to remain on the specific ear acupuncture points while the patient is at home, thus providing the patient with continued therapeutic effect. The length of time that the ear seeds remain is determined by the Acupuncture Physician and are safe for the patient to remove at home.