Patient Testimonials


Murat g. Mar 3, 2019, for Three Acupuncture Sessions

Excellent doctor and staff

Phyllis B. October 4, 2018, for Three Acupuncture Sessions

Dr. O is so knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to your problems. His treatment was painless. I would recommend him.

Matthew L. Sep 6, 2018, for Three Acupuncture Sessions

This was my first time having acupuncture done and I enjoyed it. It was relaxing and Dr. Osterweil was caring, how I was feeling and doing.

I had acupuncture for a heel spur and plantar fasciitis. I foind Dr O to Spend good time and I had some relief from the first visit. I look forward to the next two visits.


Treatment for anxiety. I felt very relaxed after. Thatcwas a blessing! Dr. Osterweil is very nice, accommodating and passionate.


Lorraine R. on Sep 1, 2016, for Three Acupuncture Sessions.

Great experience